Step by step guide for unit registration and hostel booking for First years Year 1 SEM 1 Academic Year 2022/2023. - Multimedia University of Kenya

After paying fees as indicated in the provided fee structure, please follow the following steps to complete your registration.

1. Update your personal details by visiting
2. Go to and login.
3. On the the dashboard, go to accommodation -> hostel booking, you will then be prompted to register for the units before proceeding.
4. Click on academics -> Unit Registration -> Registration type -> select Course Registration on the drop down then check all the units and register.
5. Go back to accommodation -> Hostel booking and select your preferred room and space.
6. Lastly print the invoice that contains the Hostel details and come with it during the reporting date.
7. For further enquiries contact the hostels Office on 0207252000

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