The rapidly changing Technology, Economic, Political and Social trends have created a need for institutions to re-align their objectives and set mandates for their nations to achieve faster development. The new political dispensation requires institutions to re-assess their competitiveness of the service delivery and products, in order for the country to attain a middle level industrialization status. The recognition of the knowledge based economy becomes a key mandate, and hence the need to impart appropriate skills to its citizens. As its core mandate, MMU strives to offer accessibility to quality education and training, for the country to achieve Vision 2030, through Teaching, Learning, Research, Production and Extension.


It is on this understanding that the University College has strived to produce a Strategic Plan that will direct all its activities towards supporting the ideals and aspirations of both young and old Kenyans. The strategic plan recognizes the existing challenges and opportunities, and gives a road map on how to convert challenges into opportunities, in order to achieve the set goals. The strategic plan is a rolling plan and will require strong and unwavering support from all stakeholders, partners and admirers. With a well trained and experienced academic, technical administrative and support staff, a determined and focused management and a well endowed University College Council, the success of MMU as a hub for communication technologies development, incubation and dissemination is guaranteed. We all look forward to a promising and fulfilling industrialized future.


I wish therefore to thank all our stakeholders, partners, and admirers for their devoted participation and contribution during the formulation of this Strategic Plan.

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